Options Bootcamp #37 – Our Holiday Option Wish List

Published on: Dec 23 2013 by John Critchley

Basic Training: Options Boot Camp Holiday Wish List

  • John – Consolidation in the exchange market place.
  • Mark – Better spread execution in the options market in 2014.
  • Dan – Continued growth in the options business.
  • Mark – Financial/mainstream media would abandon its perception that options are dangerous, complex risk-additive instruments.
  • John – Customers close every expiring position.
  • Dan – Continued growth in options education.
  • Mark – Brokers would make it cheap or free to close out shorts below a nickel.
  • John – Customers never (or almost never) trade inverse or leverage ETFs.
  • Dan – I hope to be successful in guiding my students, and potential students’ expectations of options.
  • Mark – I wish more customers would break away from their fixation with VIX.
  • John – I would like to see an end to the day trading rules. I also wish more customers had a trading strategy firmly in place before they put a trade on.
  • Dan – I would like to see no crazy blow-ups like PFG, etc.



Listener Mail: Listener questions to the Drill Sergeants

  • Question from Ed - I am a call writer but I am having a hard time finding trades that suit my criteria in this low vol environment. What is your recommendation? How do I find more acceptable covered writes in this environment?
  • Comment from Tom Giles, Newport, RI – I just want to thank you guys for putting together this program. It has really been helpful for me as I take my first fumbling steps into the options market. I have been mainlining the show on my commute every day and repeating episodes that are particularly suited to my trading style. I have already identified a few mistakes in my trading and also adopted a few of your suggestions, including stock replacements and short puts for limit orders. Thanks for the help. When can I look forward to a daily show? I have a long commute.

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